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Mapping with WebViewer
03-15-2013, 01:18 PM (This post was last modified: 04-25-2013 03:10 PM by Klozpin.)
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Mapping with WebViewer
Enjoyed the energy and enthusiasm of our meeting and the new format!

Mapping with the Web Viewer and Google Review

A • Plot a single street address
B • Plot an origination and destination
C • Plot a multiple stop route
D • Plot a multiple stop route for two teams
E • Geolocating

A • Plot a single street address
Passing a dynamic URL:
"" & "q="
& /*Address=*/ Customers::Address & ","
& /*City=*/ Customers::City & ","
& /*State=*/ Customers::state & ","
& /*Zip Code=*/ Customers::Zip & ","
& /*Country=*/ ""

Geocoding is the process of finding associated geographic coordinates (often expressed as latitude and longitude)
from other geographic data, such as street addresses, or ZIP codes.

Get Time Zone of a Location

" location="&

(sensor - indicate to Google IF you are/True using a GPS sensor to determine the user's location, or NOT/False)

B • Plot an origination and destination


C • Plot a multiple stop route

""&zoom&" &size=520x520 &scale="&Scale&"
&markers=label:"&label1&"|"&gps1&" &markers=label:"&label2&"|"&gps2&" &markers=label:"&label3&"|"&gps3&" &markers=label:"&label4&"|"&gps4&" &markers=label:"&label5&"|"&gps5&" &markers=label:"&label6&"|"&gps6&" &markers=label:"&label7&"|"&gps7&" &markers=label:"&label8&"|"&gps8&" &markers=label:"&label9&"|"&gps9&" &markers=label:"&label10&"|"&gps10&" &markers=label:"&label11&"|"&gps11&" &markers=label:"&label12&"|"&gps12&" &markers=label:"&label13&"|"&gps13&" &markers=label:"&label14&"|"&gps14&" &markers=label:"&label15&"|"&gps15&" &markers=label:"&label16&"|"&gps16&" &markers=label:"&label17&"|"&gps17&" &markers=label:"&label18&"|"&gps18&"
&markers=label:"&label19&"|"&gps19&" &markers=label:"&label20&"|"&gps20&" &markers=label:"&label21&"|"&gps21&"
&markers=label:"&label22&"|"&gps22&" &markers=label:"&label23&"|"&gps23&" &markers=label:"&label24&"|"&gps24&"
&markers=label:"&label25&"|"&gps25&" &markers=label:"&label26&"|"&gps26&" &markers=label:"&label27&"|"&gps27&"
&markers=label:"&label28&"|"&gps28&" &markers=label:"&label29&"|"&gps29&" &markers=label:"&label30&"|"&gps30&"

Google limits URLs to 2048 characters. Addresses to 25,000 per day. Markers limited to single characters: A-Z, 0-9 and colors.

The last 2 points (•D & •E) are best made with the sample file itself (attached).


• Google offers more customization, but be prepared to use Java.
Google Static Maps API v2 - Developers Guide
• Geolocation java:
Register to download a sample file
• Other mapping services (Bing, Map Quest, etc.).
• Seed Code announced GoMaps, but not released yet
Update: Seedcode has released their product today. Watch the video:

Looking forward to the next meeting,

Erika Kidd
Klozpin FileMaker Development
770-310-3633 m

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