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03-08-2014, 01:58 AM
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Scenario; I developed a database for a client that has appr. 7 employees that work in a call center. Each employee is assigned 500 accounts / customers to work. As a default all accounts are imported in the "STATUS CODE NEW"....(SEE SOFTWARE SCREENSHOT- below)....As they work the accounts they change the status code to whatever happened on the account (ie) - if they called and left a message for a customer they then change the status code to (1st attempt) - NOTE: there are 15 different status codes...

Now with 7 employees as they are all working there assigned que of accounts, the status codes are constantly changing within the que...

What I need is a layout that will show how many accounts each employee has in each status code in real time as they are changing the codes ( SEE STATUS CODE DASHBOARD )...

I would appreciate any help with this and if necessary I can arrange a screen-share to show exactly what is needed

Thank You In Advance.....

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