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Meeting Minutes Feb 2013
02-19-2013, 01:17 PM
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Meeting Minutes Feb 2013
Meeting location, time, and frequency:

If we had our meetings less frequently, wouldn't affect attendance rates. As it is, we have 12 meetings a year, but usually skip December for the holidays and one in the summer for DevCon- making it really 10 meetings. People seem to prefer every month, even IF it did mean smaller meetings. Two proposed schedules were every other month, and quarterly- neither of which were received very enthusiastically by the group.

People also like the night format, as well as the mid week schedule. Most would be fine with a Wednesday change, would be better for our representative from FileMaker (Darrin Quick). One or two couldn't make a Wednesday meeting. Everyone is fine with just having the meeting in Roswell, but it is a self selected group of those who came to the Roswell meeting. Could use the local library for large meetings / one that draw a large crowd.

People like the snacks and would be fine with an offering bowl to offset the costs. If doing pizza, get the RSVP numbers and what kind of pizzas people like, or rather, don't like.

Sign in sheets are a nice way to keep track of who came to the meeting and when, good for networking.

A cool idea would be to have teleconferenced meetings, letting speakers skip traveling.

New schedule:

6:30 - 7:00 pm- Open Q and A, refreshments, social networking
7:00 - 7:15- First topic
7:30 - 8:30- Second topic

Meeting focus:

We should aim to be a mix of beginner and advanced topics, instead of just a developer group, or just user group.

Increasing attendance:

We have a low attendance rate versus our large email list numbers- why is that? Some people come to this meeting, but very different group last month. Depends seriously on the topic- people skip or come to meetings based on the topics. Rosemary from FileMaker always means a packed house. Continuity is a huge thing, it makes groups better and stronger.

Other ideas:
Giveaways would be a way to draw people in
Tell the Apple Store we exist
FMForums- put a link to our group in everyone's signature
Post on TechNET, Facebook page about the revamp
Talk to Darren about obtaining developer names and emails to add them to our mailing lists

Southeast FileMaker Meta Group:

We'd like to coordinate with other groups in the Southeast. The two big ones are Orlando and DC, and DC meets at 10am on the first Wednesday of the week. Orlando meets the fourth Tuesday at 6pm, so maybe we could do Wednesday evening, which would let people squeeze two cities in one day. DC might be willing to move to Tuesday, leaving us Weds, and then Orlando on Thursdays. It would make it really easy for a presenter to come to all those cities if the days matched up, which would make our content better.

New website:

Our new website will have location, meeting information, and a member directory listing local developers by speciality. Meetings should be RSVPed to on the website, which will have a forum. Meetup has a nice RSVP system, should look into that. Should copy Andy Gaunt on emails. The forum will have the email functionality for meeting reminders and will have tight email integration for those wanting all posts funneled to their email (opt in). Forum will list next meeting, future topics, meeting minutes from previous meetings, resources, tips, files, demo files and slides from presentations if the speaker wants. Could list who attended previous meeting, and welcome new members. There must be some way to forward emails to friends so they can be added to the list.

Potential topics and speakers:

We'll have two topics for each meeting, chosen sometime before the meeting. One will be a short intro, a 15 minute presentation. The second would be an hour long in-depth discussion on another topic. They'll be rated on difficulty level, like at DevCon-- Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced. It should typically be 1 Advanced and 1 Beginner, or 2 Intermediates.

Rosemary is willing to come at any time in the year, not just for major releases. We should keep her in mind.

Moderated discussions: keeping on topic better and keeping to our time tables is really important, we should all work to do a better job, but Jesse volunteered to be moderator.
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